Computational Sociology

My work orbits the study of diversity, stratification, and innovation. It captures longitudinal systems of social and cultural exchange: from the gestation and birth of networks, careers, ideas, or innovations, to their use, up until their eventual cessation. As such, I often strive for three distinct, but surprisingly interrelated goals: (1) answering substantive questions on causes and effects of social networks, while (2) contributing to social theory, and (3) using computational methods and big data. My research appeared (among others) in American Sociological Review, Social Forces, Social Networks, Nature Human Behaviour, and PNAS, and was honored with several grants and awards.


Currently, I work with Daniel McFarland at Stanford University as postdoctoral scholar. During my PhD I worked with Rense Corten and Frank van Tubergen.


Bas Hofstra

Stanford University

Graduate School of Education

520 Galvez Mall, Office 448

Stanford, CA 94305

E-mail: bhofstra [at]


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